3 Ways We Accidentally Block Our Power

I realized lately that even though most of us want to be empowered, there are tricky little blocks that keep getting in the way.

The trouble is that we are being ushered into a new stage of awakening. This stage of awakening ensures that we must claim our personal power. The more we resist that process, the worse we begin to feel inside. This is why I wanted to share the 3 ways that I’ve seen this roadblock show up.

#1 Choosing Not To Know


The moment you choose not to know something, you block your power. Through this choice, you literally build the roadblock yourself. It’s an easy roadblock to build and I think we all have fallen into this trap from time to time. Check out these common examples:

  • You’ve put on a few pounds, but refuse to get on the scale.
  • You started a business, but refuse to look at the actual numbers.
  • You’ve been feeling horrible, but refuse to go to the doctor.
  • You have the feeling he’s been cheating on you, but you haven’t asked (or sleuthed).

At times, fear takes the upper hand by convincing us it’s better NOT to know. No chance. It’s always better to know, even when it’s painful. Even when it hurts.

#2 You Choose To Not Try


Often times, if we believe there is a high chance of failure we choose not to even try. Even if it is something that we really really want to experience, we still choose not to try. This is because the pain of not trying appears to be less “painful” than what we would experience if we were to try and fail.

Here are some prime examples:

  • You choose to not care when learning a new subject or skill
  • You choose not to go for the promotion at work
  • You choose not to open the business
  • You choose not to go on any dates

The mind is truly doing a disservice when it has you convinced that not trying will keep you safe. Some of the things that you don’t try might be experiences that would change your life for the better. And the fear of failure that gets all mixed up in this not trying, while its a farce. The experience of “failure” has been dramatized and people avoid it like the plague. How ironic that every “successful” person has experienced more “failure” than anybody else.

If anything, failure is simply a reminder of the learning curve.

#3 Choose Not to Speak Your Real Truth


This is the big whammy of them all and a place where so much power is blocked. Not only that, it blocks your authenticity, spiritual expression and makes you feel like crap in the long run.

There are typically two levels to the individual and your experience here on earth. The person that you really are deep down inside without a filter versus the person you present to the world.

When this gap between the person you are presenting to the world and your truth do not match, you lose your power. The bigger the gap, the more power you lose. Here are common ways that people get blocked with this and don’t even realize they’re doing it:

  • Pretending you are fine when you really aren’t
  • Nodding your head in conversation when you have no clue what the other person is saying
  • Acting like you agree with someone, when you don’t
  • Not stating your needs, desires or dreams

Learning how to not filter yourself is scary. There will be lots of fear that you won’t be loved, accepted or included.

I’ve got some exciting news for you though! The energetic shift that we are all experiencing has changed all this. It is now much more attractive and magnetic to show up authentically and in your truth than to send out the representative!

My advice? Remember, empowerment is an internal process that no one else can give to you (no matter how much they would like to). Make the choices that lead you down the path you want to experience.


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