Hi, I’m Emily Klintworth (author and innovator of the new wave of do-it-yourself astrology workbooks).


My story starts here. When my husband and I first moved into our 1920’s fixer-upper bungalow we “inherited” a variety of items in our closets, garage & basement. Nestled on a dusty shelf in the back closet of our 3rd bedroom we discovered a set of dusty old encyclopedia books and one very magical & special book, Astrology for Adults.

I’ll never forget opening that book…the beautiful old book smell permeating the room, the synchronicity I felt in my heart & the underlying magic that filled the air (it felt fated…because it was). BUT the language was complicated, the writing didn’t make sense and I didn’t have the time to immerse myself in learning the complex language of astrology.  So that book sat on the bookshelf for years….

Several years later, astrology came back into my life just as unexpectedly when my sister “gifted” me my very own astrological birth chart reading. I was changed by this reading. Forever. I wanted to explore the chart more, absorb the ancient wisdom & apply it to my life.

BUT the chart looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics and I felt intimidated. Without knowing the complex language of astrology, the power of the insights that were waiting for me in my chart were literally not available to me. BUT Sitting on our bookshelf was that old dusty astrology book that my husband and I had discovered in the back closet of our home…

>>>Fast forward: I learned astrology, did readings as a hobby, found a wonderful mentor and created a business. 

It was from that space that I desired to create a shortcut where those who wanted to decode their chart for themselves would have the option to do so. I didn’t want someone to have to spend a year learning glyphs, symbols, meanings and key words.

This is why I created a new approach: do-it-yourself astrology. My spiritual workbook is nothing like what you’ve experienced before. I’m so very proud and thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to share this new, exciting perspective with the world.


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