First of all, congratulations if you have a clear goal! Becoming clear on whatever it is you want to call into your life is hard work and it is so easy to question ourselves over and over again. Even if your goal is to gain clarity, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is the most important thing you need to know about working with me: I will love you fiercely during the time we work together.

So often in life there are two levels to your being. There is the real YOU in there who is reading and processing these words. There is also another version of you, the one you present to the world. I work with, hold space for and reflect ONLY the real you.

I do this in two ways: astrologically and intuitively.

Astrologically, we get to work with a multitude of charts and tap into your truth (often these address the things you know deep down, but have never been able to verbalize). This is an extremely accurate way to get answers and support, astrology has a way of getting to the heart of most things. There are lots of ways we work with astrology: self-reflection, deeper awareness, timed action, predictive empowerment, etc. etc.  We will be incorporating lots of this into your 1:1 sessions.

The other part of what I do is much harder to explain…this is the intuitive part of my work.

My whole life I’ve been able to see the real true core person that is within an individual. Without fail, I can see what you are really thinking, really feeling and really desiring. The tricky part of this is that most people don’t actually say what they are thinking, feeling & desiring!

During our sessions, I will speak directly to your truth. This can make some people feel really uncomfortable when I speak to their truth! OR it feels like the biggest sigh of relief you’ve ever known because I see the real you and it was about d#$% time someone showed up in love to reflect that.

Here are some perfect examples of goals I can support you in achieving (always with my astro edge):


<> Gaining clarity on your life purpose and your next three steps

<> Moving through fear in a specific area of life: career, love, self-development

<> Creating a successful business (this is effortless when serving the right customer, at the right time with the right opportunity)

<> Writing a book (literally, writing a book! How fun?)

The list goes on and on.

I’m assuming you are at an energetic transition period. This is because most people intuitively begin to look outward for support when they feel a shift coming on. This is my sincere heartfelt desire for you if you are experiencing the energetic cusp:

Choose to be supported by someone who will empower you, see your truth & show up 100% to support, train, coach & guide you.


I may be that person or I may not. My wish for you is still the same.

This is the point where people begin to wonder, what does this all cost and how does it actually work?

Well, the first step is always the same: an introductory call and guidance session. This is a brief chat where we can get to know each other, I can compare our charts and we get to find out if 1:1 mentorship is truly the best option (for both of us). This is something really important to me.

I currently offer one 3 month program that has 3 different levels of support for you to choose from. The options are below (and yes! they show the prices!). If the program inspires you, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and make sure you include your goal! I’ll be in touch within 24 hours so that we can schedule a time to chat : )

 Stronger Than YesterdayBetter, Faster, StrongerMind Over Matter

[3 Monthly Payments of $299]

[3 Monthly Payments of $633]

[Monthly Payments of $1,333]
I am...I am looking for someone to broaden my perspective, hold me accountable & celebrate my success with me.I am looking for someone to help me connect with my truth, create the pathway to achieve my goal, develop me in my strengths & to follow up with me to make sure I'm staying the course.I'm looking for someone to inspire me to grow, challenge me when I lose focus, support me in achieving my dreams and never lose sight of who I really am (and what I'm truly capable of).
1:1 Guidance & SupportMonthly (1 hr call)Bi-Weekly (1 hr call)Weekly (1 hr call)
Open AccessWeekly Email CommunicationFull Email Access (ask any question at anytime and you will receive support)Full Access (Talk to me any time through a free app that works like a walkie talkie & receive immediate support)
BONUS!BONUS! 30 Minute personal chart explorationBONUS! 60 Minute personal chart exploration

BONUS! 2 EXTRA calls to be claimed by you whenever you desire them (these can be scheduled even after the 3 month program has ended)

Bonus! 90 Minute personal chart exploration

BONUS! 4 EXTRA calls to be claimed by you whenever you desire them (these can be scheduled even after the 3 month program has ended)

BONUS! Unlimited access to all e-course and training videos (even those I haven't created yet! You'll be the VIP that gets in first.)


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