Is Your Issue Attachment to Outcome?

If you’re aware of the law of attraction, you most certainly have run into this issue: attachment to outcome. What gives? Why is it okay to have desires and manifest whatever you want in life, but not be able to be attached to it?

It’s important to realize the distinction between attachment and a desire. A desire to experience something in your life is simply that – desire. You may desire more experiences, love, freedom. etc. Attachment shows up when you begin to qualify the who, what, where, how, when of your desire.

Attachment to outcome isn’t something easy to pinpoint. What you need to look for is the mind and it’s insatiable appetite for calculating how things will unfold. It is this process of expectation that is attachment in action.

For instance, if you could only meet the love of your life at church because that seems to be the place everyone else met their partner…guess what? There is attachment in there (in the form of expectations) and it will actually work against you.

Simply put: when you expect you attach and limit possibilities.

An easy way to discern if you are attached to an outcome is to pay attention to what you are thinking about in your head. When you have a response to a situation or event that in essence is saying, “It didn’t work out”…. that my friend is the sneaky sneaky working of attachment.

The only way something couldn’t work out is because you had an attachment to what “working out” was.

If you can let go just a little bit and begin to fall in love with not knowing the how, you will release attachment. Get comfortable with the idea that you don’t know, couldn’t know and that you are not responsible for figuring everything out. Not only will this allow you to be more present and happy as your life journey unfolds, but you will release a little bit more attachment every step of the way.

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