Taurus Horoscope


for October 2017


Claim Your Power:

It’s time to honor your commitments, but this time it’s different.


Astro Coach:  Get ahead of the energy.

This month is all about relationships and for Taurus…well, it gets a bit tricky. You see, Taurus is constantly working hard, coming up with new goals, taking responsibility (for themselves and others, even when they shouldn’t) & making commitments. Taurus sticks to what they say – once they have started down a path, there aren’t many things that can make them turn back.

The energy has pulling you in a direction where you may have become a bit too focused on those around you and not enough on yourself. When this happens, the energy will have to come back into balance and there is no stopping it. This month, you get a nice little check-in or mid-semester report from the Universe (just check out what’s happening in your life to understand). Here is what you need to keep in perspective: you are great at keeping commitments to others, but what about the commitments to yourself?

It you’re like me, you’ll be drawing a blank and probably can only come up with the commitments you’ve made around work. Now I hate to do this, really I do, BUT commitments to work aren’t really about your self-nurturing. Business/work (when done right) is about serving the needs of someone else and I know that’s what you do. So are there any “non-work” personal commitments you’ve made to yourself? Have you kept them?

What can you do to self-nurture and honor your commitments to yourself? What’s holding you back?

Align with the Cosmos:

Jupiter is moving out of the 6th solar house this month which was all about work, daily habits & service. This elixir of energies works differently on Taurus versus the other signs. It can actually cause you to over-work, lose sense of yourself & miss the forest for the trees. It’s that bull head being down and not coming up enough to make sure you’re on the right path. You probably are forgetting to take care of yourself consistently throughout this process. On October 11th, Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio. This creates a new energy that will be sweeping through Taurus and becomes ‘available’ to work with. You can stay ahead by aligning with the cosmos and getting back into your heart. You have my full permission and encouragement to plan and execute a spa/wellness day!

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for September 2017

Claim Your Power:

Don’t let your stubbornness stifle your creativity.


Astro Coach:  Get ahead of the energy.

Are you using your creativity and expressing your individuality? When you are tapping into the gifts that you were given, you will feel like you are in flow. You will be able to line up with people, events, experiences and synchronicity without any effort at all. When you deny the parts of you that are unique from full expression, you will feel stifled and stuck. Why would you prevent yourself from being fully yourself? Are you doing this in any areas of your life right now?

The planet Venus is deeply connected to your zodiac sign Taurus. Right now it is in the playful and creative sign of Leo. This is encouraging you to get back into a space where you play for the fun of playing (and not always needing to know every outcome before you do something).

The planetary movement this month opens you up to receiving support from those in your inner circle and family. The people who surround you every day will want you to be happy and successful. It may not always seem like it and let’s face it, their motivation for you being happy and successful may have more to do with them. BUT trust me: people like being around people who lift them up. You have support and you just have to learn how to ask for it.

Align with the Cosmos: Rock your Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde ends on September 5th. For you, it was pulling you inwards to reassess your home and everyday environment. Did you take a good look around at the life you’ve created? Was it what you intended? If yes, did you take time to celebrate and pay gratitude? If no, did you take time to  reflect or decide what you need to do to change things?