There are a million, wait no…there are a TRILLION awesome reasons to learn astrology! Whether you want to learn some basic techniques for navigating your life or you want to fine tune your business and take it to new heights: astrology has got you covered.

I don’t teach text book style astrology with lists and definitions. I don’t teach it because it never worked for me and it was beyond frustrating to read through all the complicated terms. The crazy thing was, I had no choice and I continued to persevere because I promised myself I would learn how to read charts.

Once I FINALLY gained a good understanding of astrology and was on the other side of that confusion, I was completely perplexed! I couldn’t realize why people were teaching it the way that they were!?!?!?! Astrology is fun, easy to learn & you can begin to work with specific techniques immediately in your life.

My first recommendation to anyone looking to learn astrology is to complete my workbook, Claiming Your Power Through Astrology. This workbook is perfect for:

<> People who want to learn astrology, but don’t have the time (or patience) to work through all the complex and outdated language

<> Those who want to get straight to the good stuff so that they can start applying it in their lives

<> Those who have looked online and are at their breaking point because nothing makes sense and the way people talk about astrology just doesn’t click for how they learn

<> Those who don’t want to enroll in astrology school because they are just wanting to learn a few techniques and aren’t trying to be astrologers

The best way to start learning astrology is to get busy decoding your chart ; ) You can memorize glyphs and keywords, but you and I both know – you learn more by doing. And if you can decode your own chart? That is having your cake and eating it to!

Once you have completed the workbook, you may be ready to go deeper and step into 1:1 private mentorship. If you would like to find out more details on how we can work together please email emily@absolutely.com or submit your request here.