What the New Age Movement Has Got All Wrong

The first time I wrote this blog, my husband told me not to post it. He said I would probably piss people off. Here’s the truth, I listened to him originally and didn’t post or share this blog.

Then I saw the irony….

my love for empowerment and my deep deep dedication to sharing authentically from my heart.

I share this message because I’ve lived it, seen it & want to support those who might have fallen into this trap. It’s a trap the new agers and truth seekers find themselves in from time to time and not many people are speaking up to help them out.

Most new agers are on a constant quest for answers, deeper insights, more paradigm shifts and more breakthroughs. Can you relate?

On these epic quests you can break down emotionally, withdraw and feel responsible for literally everything in this world. When we seek to fix the “broken pieces” of who we are, we go into what I can only call the rabbit hole.

The problems start when you forget to come back out. In other words, when you become so obsessed with that one area of being that you forget to actually be. You stop full-on living because you’re swimming in circles of the unknown in the rabbit hole! You think you’re one perfect revelation away from enlightenment, but let’s face it: the energetics of chasing enlightenment will always be chasing enlightenment!

The excitement of the breakthroughs many new-agers have can act as a drug or addiction. You get a sweet hit of a “paradigm shift” and you want more.

I wish I could sweetly whisper to all those in the rabbit hole that it is safe to come out. That you don’t need to go chasing down your shadow and that one more past-life regressions session isn’t the answer. It’s time to come out from hiding and realize you’re exactly as you are meant to be in this moment in time.

You need to breathe in the fresh air, go swimming and jump on a trampoline. You need live life, enjoy it, love wildly & cry fiercely.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

You’ve reached new heights, had new insights & experienced emotional breakthroughs. BUT every time you finally get to that next “level” it didn’t leave you feeling whole. Maybe for a day or two, maybe a week if you’re lucky.

Wholeness isn’t something you find, it’s something you already are.

#youarewhole #perfectlyimperfect

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