Workbook Navigators

All Of The Navigators On This Page Use The Tropical Zodiac And The Koch House System.


Astrology Books & Virtual Classes

The navigators accompany my workbooks and virtual classes, which you can find listed below.

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology

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A Spiritual Workbook Devoted to the Interpretation of Your Natal Chart

A deep full analysis of your astrological birth chart with worksheets to help you assimilate and anchor the insights.

Your Cosmic Compass Yearly Astrological Planner

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A Reusable Solar Return Yearly Planner for Effortless Monthly Self-Guidance 

This simple and easy-to-understand book walks you through planning out your year and identifying the obstacles and gifts. It has been recognized by the Coalition Of Visionary Resources for Best Divination Book Bronze.

The Elements Of Becoming A Successful Astrologer

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The Astrologer's Guide to Launching Your Professional Reading Practice

Astrologers are practically extinct, and the world needs more. I wrote this handbook for all the new astrologers who are just starting out and need help learning how to offer their services professionally.

Written In The Stars Virtual Class at Uncommon Goods

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A Top-Rated Class from Uncommon Goods: Decoding Your Solar Return Year

Join me in a fun and interactive online class where we build your yearly chart with stickers. This innovation workshop was recognized by Cosmopolitan, CNN_Underscored, and the Today Show.

Synch With The Moon Virtual Class at Uncommon Goods

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Discover How to Harmonize with Lunar Forces and Optimize Your Timing

Join me for an in-depth exploration of your Rising Sign, Sun, and Moon. Learn about your past life gifts, and how to time your actions with the moon.

Astrology Flash Cards Learn The Symbols

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Astrology Flashcards for Advancing from Novice to Expert

50% of learning astrology is memorization, and these cards were designed to move you from novice to expert. 

Blank Charts With Sticker Template

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Chart Templates with Sticker Layouts for Easy Chart Tracking

A booklet of blank charts to help you make birth charts and solar return charts. Comes with sticker template.

Astrology Symbols Activity Book

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Improve Your Astrology Symbol Writing Skills and Commit Them to Memory

Practice tracing the astrological symbols of the zodiac and memorize their positions in the houses.