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Solar Return Chart Placements ForĀ Use With My Workbook,Ā Your Cosmic Compass, and Written In The Stars Class.

InstructionsĀ For Your Cosmic Navigator

The Cosmic Navigator is used in conjunction with my workbook and class (listed below). Please scroll down to enter your data into the form, and please note: you will need to type slowly and select your city from the drop-down menu that appears.Ā If you experience technical difficulties, please use the contact button at the top of this page.

The Lesser Known SolarĀ Return Astrology Chart

Every year on your birthday, you activate a new chart: the solar return chart. This chart is uniquely responsible for teaching you how to manifest the potential within your natal chart. Join me live and through my book to uncover the secrets hidden in your year.

StartĀ The Book

Build your solar return chart using my workbook, Your Cosmic Compass. Step-by-step guide to interpreting your solar return chart.

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TakeĀ The Class

Join me for live interpretations in my Uncommon Goods class, Written In The Stars.Ā As mentioned on the Today Show, CNN_Underscored and Cosmopolitan.

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Please type slowly and select your city from the drop-down menuā€”the longitude and latitude auto-populate.