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Below are the questions that astrology can accurately answer and predict. To purchase your specific astro-prediction, click the button at the bottom to purchase.

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The Full Birth Chart Reading - When You Want To Go All In.

In some parts of the world, it is a common tradition to gift a baby with an astrological birth chart reading and have them open it when they enter adulthood. It is a sacred process to connect with the oneness of our being, to show someone that they belong, have purpose, and a destiny.

In the Western world, however, we are often judged just for thinking this ancient language may have validity. Whether people believe it is valid or not is pretty irrelevant to me now. Just give me one hour, and I can make you believe. Well, it isn't me per say. It's the absolute brilliance of God writing messages in the sky.

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Manacoaching is when you blend behavior management, coaching, and astrology to manifest the vision in your heart that isn't appearing in reality. It provides you with aĀ step-by-step plan, accountability, and divine timing to step into that new reality.

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