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Emily Klintworth is a passionate and innovative astrologer who has revolutionized a new and powerful shortcut to working with astrology. Through her do-it-yourself workbooks, trainings & personalized readings she has brought astrology into the modern era.

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3 Ways We Accidentally Block Our Power

3 Ways We Accidentally Block Our Power

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Is Your Issue Attachment to Outcome?

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What the New Age Movement Has Got All Wrong

What the New Age Movement Has Got All Wrong

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  • When I came to Emily I didn’t really understand Astrology, but she made it so easy to understand. The insight that I gained from her intuitive grasp of astrology revealed to me aspects of myself that I hadn’t really yet understood and had been struggling with. I now know how to channel my energy for greater power, more fun and greater impact. I learned new ways that I can share my gifts that are aligned with my ultimate goal and because of this I opened myself up to receiving greater success and abundance

    - Linda Rasch

  • My appreciation and gratitude for what I learned in our brief session is infinite. Within a week of our time together, I received a work visa from Ireland, I moved houses, I was hired onto a project, and the generosity of others starting bursting out of the woodwork. But in addition to these awesome things, the biggest difference has happened with my relationship to my Self. I started to understand who I am again, and the Present became more present. 
Emily has a gift, a talent, an ability, a sense. But the beautiful thing about spending time with her is that I still had to figure it out for myself. The best teachers don’t tell you the answers, they efficiently guide you so that you discover them for yourself.

    - Jessica Keith

  • Within a few minutes Emily nailed my life purpose, explored the specific things that bring me joy, and explained how I had built my business in alignment with these goals. This was such a needed validation and confirming – I am on the right path and as I teach and step into my purpose, I cannot fail.

    - Stacy Hartmann

  • I just want to say THANK YOU for creating the Astrology Workbook. Like you, I am a voracious reader and have read many books which were very important for my spiritual growth. When I got your book, I could not put it down – it was an absolute revelation and I had so much fun following the clear instructions that you gave to us readers who know nothing or very little about astrology….the book is really special and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    - Ingrid from Western Australia on Claiming Your Power Through Astrology

  • If you’ve ever wanted to know more about astrology as it relates specifically to you, this is the book that you want. It will help you understand yourself better than you may have thought possible, and it does it in a way that makes sense. You’ll learn about the signs themselves and what they stand for, the Houses, the planets and everything you need to interpret your own charts. Plus, you’ll learn how to actually make those charts for yourself.

    - Samantha Dewitt on Claiming Your Power Through Astrology

  • Klintworth takes the reader by the hand and shares her knowledge in the most efficient and powerful way — by having the reader actually perform each step of the process. Her instructions are concise and easy to follow and having her samples to look at made short work of any questions I may have had. As I progressed through the book, I began to see how much better it could be to actually work out your own chart rather than rely on an astrologer, and I enjoyed seeing how the knowledge gained can help one’s understanding of feelings, actions and relationships.

    - Jack Magnus on Claiming Your Power Through Astrology

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