Your Advanced Astrology Birth Chart Reading  

You've done the shamanic healing circle, ate the mushrooms, got your aura cleansed, did the yoni egg, and still feel like things aren't sticking. You have no clear idea of what to do or when to do it, it is time to bypass the healers and the gurus and go straight to the map that you wrote for yourself.

Hint: it was written in the stars.


Praise for Emily's Advanced Astrology

"An initial skeptic, I cannot believe the accuracy of Emily's reading. She described my future husband and future home in detail. We have been married for 8 years, and I couldn't be happier."

Marie, Business Student- Sun in Cancer


This is an unconventional astrology reading.

In the same way, you submerge yourself into silence in a deprivation float tank to reach a transcendental state, your bespoke reading will eliminate my ability to read your body language or use your words to interpret.

Stripped raw, your reading is potent astrological, spiritual advice recorded and sent to you via priority mail, and is 100% confidential. Even if you change your name...your reading will remain the same. Your journey/chosen path is written in the stars. You must be 25 years old to purchase, and this reading should not be watched under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Why you hop from healer to healer 

You know that feeling when you sit down with a psychic who reads you so well, they're able to tell you things from your past and current life they couldn't possibly have known about you...

Usually, it happens slowly; the messages they tell you start to repeat and get watered down. You feel foggy and heavy about the interaction, and realize you are not even one step closer to your goal even though you have been clearing the blocks and doing the work.

You are contemplating going more extreme; doing a soul retrieval in the desert, fantasizing about selling all your belongings, and starting all over again.

BUT what if there is a real, legitimate reason why this circular energy keeps you from your goals? I can tell you, there is, but the question is--would you believe me?


Do you find yourself constantly drawn to seers and healers to read for you when uncertainty hits?

You always leave feeling better, but you never seem to make tangible progress?  

Sure, you can switch healers, but you find that the same experience happens again and again.  Was it sleight of hand? Were they pulling one over on you? Maybe.

This feeling of getting somewhere energetically while nothing happens in your real life, it's a trap. It occurs when the intuitive relies more on your body language and your words to divine for you. Yes, they hold up the mirror, which is why you feel seen at first (which is a relief), but it is also why they cannot guide you.

Looking at yourself in the mirror alone isn't going to change what you look like.

Before you allow anyone to guide you:

1) Ask yourself, how accurate and developed their intuitive faculties are?

2) Ask yourself, how good are they at guiding themselves?

Think of it like this: you don't want to hire a personal trainer who isn't physically fit because, logically, it would be idiotic to let them lead you. The same is true of consciousness workers. Ask yourself, are they married? successful? happy? healthy? healed? invigorated, turned on by life and their partner?

If they don't have what you want, never let them lead.



What Can Your Birth Chart Tell You?

In this Star Map Analysis, I divine for you everything about your soul's path on earth. Before you enter your earth life, you prepare for it. You get assigned an advisor, and together you plot the course of your life. It is a flexible storyline, that is anchored in goals.

You were asked: what mission do you want to have? What challenges do you want to overcome to accomplish it? What type of person would you like to marry? How many kids do you want to have? The list goes on and on and on.

Of course, you always have free will, but it doesn't feel like it when you can't remember who you really are. That's why I love reading the birth chart because through advanced astrology I can help you remember why you are here, and what the highest version of yourself is.

"My reading with Emily was a turning point for me. She carefully explained my natal chart and helped me understand so much about myself and my relationships with others."

-Gina, Beauty Stylist

"She helped me find peace during a time when my future seemed so uncertain. She shed light onto my life."

-Marta, World Traveler

"It was heart felt and dead on, with the information gathered from my reading I made a huge transition in my life and I couldn't be happier!"

-Erica, Dental Hygienist 

"The insight she was able to offer me helped alleviate many questions I had about my life and bring an inner peace I would not have been able to achieve without her guidance"

-Elizabeth, Retail Specialist

This is for you if...

  • You are highly motivated and contribution-driven, and you have tried all the things and are ready to tap into bespoke insights which will help move the needle on getting to your next level.
  • You are an influential figure and decision-maker who has achieved things beyond expectation or what is conceivable by most, and you know you have more to give but are hitting your glass ceiling.

  •  You desire to win in all areas of life: relationships, wealth, health, and self-development, and will not sacrifice one for the other.

  • You are strongly connected to your intuition and want to work on creating consistent alignment through your own energy field.

This is not for you if...

  • You want hand holding, soft talk, and a fluffy blanket to keep you warm when someone divines the truth for you. I speak in fire.
  • You plan to watch this under the influence of a mind-altering substance, including alcohol. Yes, theoretically that could be fun. But no, because the energy work of my readings will get messed up and fall out of service for you.
  • You are habitually late, and find yourself unable to arrive on time (astrology is literally the study of time), and if you are fighting with time right now, I am not getting in the middle of it. Sorry, not sorry. 

Here are a few of our FAQ's





Your one-hour recorded Advanced Astrology Star Map Analysis by Emily Klintworth.